Parent Wise Project

Parent Wise Project

We run group-based parenting programmes which are focused, short-term interventions aimed at improving the quality of the parent-child relationship. The content of the parenting programmes may vary in style and structure ranging from those that support parents to cope better with raising a child in general to those that work with parents facing specific difficulties.

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The common features of our programmes include helping parents to:

  • Engage with their children in problem situations
  • Help their children deal with their feelings
  • Listen more effectively
  • Use praise
  • Negotiate with their children and find alternatives to punishment
  • Encourage their children to be autonomous and take personal responsibility
  • Reflect on their own experiences of being parented
  • Parenting styles

ABC Boys Development Programme

ABC 0-5 provides mothers with an opportunity to sift fact from fiction (in terms of issues such as whether boys need a father and whether boys might over-identify with their mothers), as well as strategies for encouraging and supporting their sons and learning ways to deal with boundaries and behaviour. The course also aims to increase mothers’ understanding of their son’s development and increase their confidence in dealing with their son’s behaviour and development.

Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities

This 13 week programme is designed to strengthen parenting skills and to prevent and manage behaviour problems. The programme is aimed at parents of children aged 8 - 13 years where there are concerns about anti-social behaviour. The course helps you to look at:
  • Positive parenting
  • Positive discipline
  • Positive communication
  • Improving relationships in the family

Family Links

The Parenting Puzzle, Family Links Parent Nurturing Programme an early intervention programme for mums, dads and carers of 2-15 year olds. The 10 week programme builds on the skills parents already have and introduces lots of ways to improve family relationships and manage the behaviour of children of all ages while helping to improve parents' confidence. It gives ways to maintain effective positive discipline and gain more understanding of their own and their child's emotional needs. Amongst many different skills, parents attending the course learn to:
  • recognise the value of consistency and setting clear boundaries
  • maintain positive discipline
  • respect their own and their children's emotional needs
  • become a more confident, understanding parent.

Speakeasy for Parents

Speakeasy offers an 8/9 weeks, non-threatening group-based opportunity for parents and carers to acquire the confidence and skills they need to talk to their children about sex and sexuality.

Speakeasy course is accredited through the National Open College Network (NOCN) and learners have the opportunity to gain accreditation at either Levels 1 or 2 (levels defined by NOCN). Accreditation is optional and the award equips parents with knowledge and confidence as well as encouraging participants to embark on further learning opportunities.

This course can be delivered to parents and to families' service providers. A group of up to 12 parents will be required to deliver the course. Providers should contact the Centre to discuss their needs and costs involved to run a Speakeasy course on their venue.