Adult Provision

Adult Provision

Advocacy is a process of empowerment that enables those who are vulnerable and may have difficulty speaking up for themselves to express their views and enforce their rights. The increasing complexity of modern life; social exclusion, language and literacy problems, family breakdown or disability can leave some people at a disadvantage in exercising their rights in society.

At HFC, we provide a mechanism of peer support to encourage you to build confidence, make informed choices and enable you to negotiate independently and effectively through experiential learning, self-awareness groups and motivational workshops

A volunteer peer ‘advocate’ is someone who has had similar life experience or is experiencing similar difficulties as you. After an advocate has worked with you on your particular worry, you should feel that your views have been heard. A peer advocate will be supported by HFC during the whole process.

The Process of Peer Advocacy:

Professional Advocacy

Professional advice on a one-to-one basis, working out solutions and access to different agencies.

Peer Group Support

Working as a group to achieve mutual goals by supporting each other through a variety of shared experiences and facilitated workshops.

Peer Advocate Support

Helping each other through mutual empowerment with others experiencing the same problems. This allows individuals to share personal experiences and work together to help each other overcome difficulties.

Educational Awareness Workshops

havelock charity logo A safe place allowing participants to:

  • Examine areas of their lives that can be improved or enhanced.
  • Share with fellow participants, which in itself is a fantastic learning tool.
  • Fully express their feelings, without judgement, whether these are negative or positive.