Help us to help them

Volunteers make up a vital part of the Havelock Family Centre. The principle of volunteering is inherent in our commitment to valuing and developing resources from within the local community. We are committed to involving volunteers in all aspects of the organization to support its work.

We are committed to developing good practice in volunteering and recognize that each volunteer brings with them additional skills, experience and knowledge, which enhances our ability to quality services and expand our work. As a volunteer, your roles would include conducting research, undertaking administration duties, supporting the development of current and future projects whilst at the same time developing your own knowledge and skills.

Why should you Volunteer?

“Volunteering helped me to build my confidence, and has enabled me to access training courses which opened up many new opportunities for me.”

“I enjoy offering support to my peer groups and like the fact that I am accepted as an equal member of the team where my suggestions are taken on board to support the community.”

“Your volunteers, although unpaid, are very enthusiastic about their role and the impact their work has on the local community.”

Get Involved?

We are particularly keen on involving you with IT and PR/marketing skills. If you enjoy challenging situations and if you are a confident communicator with a proactive approach as well as being self-disciplined and innovative, then you are an ideal person to help us raise funds to develop projects.

If you're interested, click the button below to find out how you can get in touch.